28 June 2017

Free Viewing Over Next 48 Hours: Plasma Energy Transforming the Earth ~ David Wilcock in Wisdom Teachings ~ S26 E8 ~ 26 June 2017

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Here is the description for this presentation from David Wilcock in his Wisdom Teachings series.

Climate change is afoot and David Wilcock describes it as the result of changes in the energy level of our solar system. This is the finding of Dr. Dmitriev who explored the electrogravidynamic effects of tornadoes and other extreme atmospheric phenomena. Due to the super-charging of our solar system we are a being subjected to a transformation of the very physics which have defined our reality. From accelerated time to antigravity, he claims that these marvels stem from explosive energetic hyper-dimensional interactions that we see as plasma balls.
This presentation was originally webcast June 26, 2017.

David stitches together some pieces to present a coherent and more comprehensive look at the Great Shift, based on scientific research and evidence that's largely been intentionally sidelined and ignored. What I found fascinating was the Time element of the Solar Flash in the design on this Great Shift, something that hadn't crossed my mind at all.

David also aptly calls the current streams of high frequency energies "trans-dimensional" ~ this cleverly leads to the natural conclusion that the Solar Flash will bring about a change in dimensional existence.

Again, just a reminder ~ the term "Solar Flash" suggests the energy is stemming from our Sun. The source of this much-anticipated and longed-for energy is from the Great Central Sun of our Galactic Sun.

Mental Rackets & Pay-Offs ~ Lisa Renee ~ 27 June 2017

Source: Energetic Synthesis

The intensity continues as we move forward into July, we are continuing to be repositioned and shifted so that our energy bodies and our consciousness is congruently aligned with the new timeline architecture, as well as with the new energy foundation. As we continually undergo micro-adjustments in just about every area of our inner person and outward lifestyle, we are witnessing more of the mental patterns and archetypes from our past lives. As cellular memories are surfacing, they can reveal themselves as powerful and intense emotions, images or sensations that arise from within suddenly, as feeling associations are being reconnected.

These cellular memories are from both the ancient human galactic histories, other lifetimes as well as patterns we may have lived out in our current lifetime that may have contributed to fixed patterns of behavior. Many unresolved trauma patterns continue to cross over into multiple stations of identity, these are generally deep patterns of emotional trauma or negative behaviors that surface so that we may resolve them. They may be stemming from our multiple lifetimes, and the many human incarnation experiences where those same patterns were repeated many times without finding energetic balance or conflict resolution. The collective consciousness patterns which have defined who we are in order to accept the belief systems that have been imposed upon us, have been deeply disturbing to our core spiritual being. It is reflected to us daily throughout the macrocosm how isolated and divided we feel as a species, that the human race has evolved completely and utterly alone on this rock, disconnected and without contact from other species, as well as not knowing the existence of our spiritual families. As a species we have been handed many false concepts and negative archetypes that we have believed to be true about ourselves that define our sense of self in our human identity.

As a result, many people on the earth have been negatively conditioned to feel deeply alone, feeling unwanted, feeling they do not belong, feeling burdened by uncertainty and insecurity and believing that there is something wrong with them. When we feel deeply disconnected and alone, all kinds of disempowering thoughts and painful feelings can show up in our lives. When we can shift our awareness from purely focusing on ourselves and looking to the larger picture, it may occur to us that we are not alone, and that this thought form has only surfaced for us to see. An incredible amount of people, nearly all people have directly experienced these exact same thoughts, also experiencing these exact same painful feelings of isolation and disconnection from others. How many people on this earth are feeling this way right now?

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On the Leylines – Discover Earth’s Energy Grid! ~ Vera Ingeborg and Jesse James Giuliani ~ 27 June 2017

Cornwall was the place where I found myself, in my late teens (never underestimate the sheer power of your Soul!). I spent two years in that mystical place. Most weekends were spent wandering around by myself, sitting at the windy rocky coast and generally being on my own, whenever I had time left over after academic assignments and visiting a beautiful elderly lady under the Adopt-A-Granny volunteer program (although she ended up fussing over me more than I did to "help" her). In a very strange way that I didn't understand then, I felt at home there, although physical home was geographically 10 000km away. And being in Penzance itself, St Michael's Mount was just nearby. I definitely can relate with this article.

Source: Wake Up Experience

Leylines are the meridians of planet earth. Different leylines provide different energies to keep the chi of our planet flowing. After almost having been forgotten, and having been hi-jacked in the third dimension to create an even deeper sense of duality, they are now being rediscovered and understood by a larger population. So called gridworkers have been and still are working on re-establishing and strengthening the leyline grid around the planet, anchoring the new energies that are coming in at major grid crossings, cleaning out, releasing and transforming low frequencies and re-directing the new energy into the meridians. Authors Jesse and Vera have both spent a lot of time with gridwork on leylines – that is also how they met.

Jesse: I first came to Cornwall on a whim. Once I crossed the border, only one thing reverberated throughout my consciousness:

The Energy, The Energy!

At the time I hadn’t a clue what exactly this meant on a conscious level, but obviously my entire Being grasped it on an etheric, intuitive, molecular level. Cornwall is a place of primordial energy and magic, situated in the pinky toe of the UK. The landscape and folklore is pervaded with a fusion of Christian and Pagan energies. It is the land of the Saints and Celtic Crosses, but also the land of standing stones and leylines. Deeply religious individuals would convene in this remote region of the earth, Druids and Christians alike. The prime power centre of such complex and powerful energies is located at the sacred site of St Michael’s Mount, a tidal island whose protruding Basolithic geological formation emerged almost 300 million years ago. Incidentally, this site is the sibling of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. This particular site is deeply steeped in history and legend. Its greatest secret, though, rests in the four major leylines that cross through it.

Vera: I was traveling the UK last year from July until September, as I was guided there for some reason. Without knowing beforehand, I was drawn to important leyline crossings. I came to Marazion simply following my intuition. I saw the name on the map and it literally sucked me in. The closer I came, the lighter I felt. So much peace and balance! I just wanted to sing and dance. When I got into this beautiful Cornish little town, I felt like sitting in a pub to read in a book on energy work. At that time I was more of a loner, and not drawn to public places at all, so that was a strange thing for me to do. It took no longer than five minutes, when Jesse approached me to ask what I was reading. And another five minutes later, we were in a deep conversation on universal energies, and how they run through us and through our planet. He told me about the leyline crossings in St. Michael’s Mount, and that he could take me there to show me the strongest energy spots, as he had worked as a tourguide on the mountain. Of course I wanted to! It dawned to me that again I had ended up in exactly the place I needed to be in that moment to do important gridwork together with Jesse.
Source: http://www.jiroolcott.com/

Jesse: But before we delve deeper…

What on Earth are Leylines??

By way of analogy, I shall duly illustrate and clarify. Think of the Equator. It exists, and is symbolically represented as a line running through the centre of the earth. When you approach the equator, things get really hot. When you’re practically on the equator, you will definitely know. The Equator cannot be seen. But it can be felt, and its ‘bandwidth’ and intangible properties, so to speak, can be measured through sophisticated scientific means. Think, also, of Radiowaves. Again— unseen, intangible— but can definitely be felt, heard, and accordingly measured. Likewise, the electromagnetic spectrum in general is a great teacher.

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"Let's You and Him Fight" ~ Stephen Bassett ~ 22 June 2017

Better yet, instead of directing our anger at "them", transmute that energy into action and do something positive.

What I try to tell others is that they keep us so busy fighting each other on the ground that we don't even think of looking up at the "head". But once we all start looking up, and realise that this one "head" is the source of all strife on Earth, then we'll understand that we'll have to do the one thing they don't want us to do......Unite.

Source: Paradigm Research Group

Referring to transactional analysis, one of the classic games people (and governments) play is "let's you and him fight."There has never been a large scale human endeavor that did not have internecine battles, internal politics, mistakes, blunders, vendettas and mutual hatreds.

PRG would remind the citizen researchers/activists/journalists and witnesses engaging the ET issue the preeminent culprit in this matter is the United States and its close allies - in particular the United Kingdom. The U.S. government initiated and maintained the greatest lie in history for 70 years - 25 years past its shelf life. It created an intellectual ghetto that came to be called Ufology, tossed anyone who touched the ET issue into that ghetto, then laughed at their flailing efforts to function let alone get out.

Meanwhile, the U.S. conducted dozens of wars; spent trillions of dollars on military, intelligence and war fighting; and killed millions of people that included a great number of innocent men, women and children - or in war speak - collateral damage. There have been abuses of power and secrecy and mass surveillance, and the political structures tasked with oversight have degenerated into pathological lying and congenital hypocrisy.

PRG invites everyone to focus their energies, disdain, hatreds and frustrations not on each other but on the founders and shepherds of the truth embargo and end it so we can all move forward together. In other words, if you feel the need to get angry with someone, consider directing your anger at the entities above...............then reform them. Reform them all.

The Torus ~ Jain 108 Mathemagics ~ 27 June 2017

Source: Jain 108 Mathemagics

The Torus is The Code.

It is the only known shape in our known universe that exists at all scales.

What I mean by this "Scale Invariancy" is that the torus is the shape of all protons, as well as being the shape of the iris' lens of the eye, of the human field, of the dimpled north and south poles of our precious planet Earth, and our extraordinary Milky Way Galaxy.

They are all torii or toroidal fields.

It is what defines all life and assists our enquiring minds to comprehend the invisible structure of space.

Top scientists today still believe that space is structureless, ie: they call it a vacuum,
a nothingness, yet, it is absolutely laden, like tree with fruit, with hyper-dimensional Geometries.

Time of Rebirth ~ I Am Light

** This isn't the time to settle for less than.
This is a time of rebirth.
This is a time of being reborn to all you have always been. **

Thank you to Pereira Isa for posting this.

Source: I Am Light

New Atlantis Alignment ~ Untwine ~ 26 June 2017

Looks like the Atlantis memo is going around!

Source: Recreating Balance

There is a very interesting alignment of power places which is very connected to the creation of New Atlantis.

Before I continue, I need to explain what is meant by New Atlantis and some of its history. Atlantis is a name used to describe the creation of a world of Light, the new society that will be beyond duality. The first template for this society was anchored in the Pleiades millions of years ago. Moldavite stones came from the planet where the first Atlantis was established, they are a result of an explosion caused by experiments made during this first Atlantis, and therefore hold a connection with the energy thread of the creation of Atlantis.

The second Atlantis was created on Earth with its main anchor on a continent which was located in the northern Atlantic ocean around the Azores islands. This was originally a society of pure Light, which later got infiltrated and entangled in conflicts created by dark forces, resulting in the beginning of prison Earth 26000 years ago and sinking of Atlantean continent 13000 years ago.

During last 13000 years, Light forces have kept the flame alive, working on long term plans for the creation of the New and final Atlantis once dark forces will be completely gone and the whole world can live in the Light again.

One of the first and main anchors for this is located at the eastern side of the Mediterranean which was an Atlantean colony, and then when the Atlantean continent sank some Atlantean Light groups went to settle there, especially around Egypt and Israel.

Heritage from these groups was passed down through generations, especially among Essene groups who were behind Kind David and Solomon and later behind Jesus and Magdalene, who then passed it along when Magdalene went to France, resulting in the creation of Templar, Cathar and Priory of Sion groups, who then spread out internationally, and who, despite suppression and infiltration from the dark, have worked on these long term plans towards New Atlantis.

St Germain/Francis Bacon emerged from these groups and has worked very closely with Light templars.

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Unceasing in June