20 November 2017

Command PB Stardust: Pleidian Medical Protocol ~ Arbre Solaire ~ 19 November 2017

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Immune System of the Planet ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 15 June 2016

Source: Laura Eisenhower

When a disaster happens on this planet, related to weather, war or anything that involves violence, suffering, pain or death ~ it is a call to action. We are the white blood cells and immune system of the planet, if we so choose to be.

Let these events be a wake up call to self, about what frequency we are holding. If our response is blame, anger and a feeling of helplessness to the forces that trigger these events, we should step back and reset the energy and let it inspire one to to do the inner work more fiercely, to love more deeply, to open the heart to the collective in a more expansive way through the power of prayer, intention and determination to be a part of the healing vibration, a vibration that can override the ability of these other forces to continue to create tragedy as a mechanism to sink us into despair or fear, whether they be artificially induced, a conspiracy or a natural response from Mother Earth in her attempt to create balance.

We must not ignore our own bodily symptoms when they alert us to something that we must address on a root level and it doesn't always work to expect something outside of ourselves to fix it, if we don't first take a stand in our own lives. We know we can only heal through boosting our own immune system, rather than owning that we are a victim to everything negative that befalls us.

Whatever the response to outer events or events in our own lives - if we stay heart-centered, pro-active and inspired to action, this will amplify and illuminate the solution; it will be effective if we stay focused on being in a vibration of unity, wisdom and devotion to positive change and we all share in a collective purpose to understand what that means for us as individuals.

Our unified field is the immune system of the planet. It is our honest response to all we experience and witnesss in life. Its about building deeper bonds with self and our loved ones and family.

All of this will ripple out to all and disable the constant threats to our security, freedom and ultimate well-being as individuals and as a Whole.

~ Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

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19 November 2017

Individual Initiations Into NEW Embodiment Levels ~ 18 November 2017

"New" is the new normal.....

Source: High Heart Life

How many were rather surprised by how unusual, different and at times obnoxiously invasive much of the November 11, 2017 11-11 low energetic responses were this year? It’s always an interesting and potent day no matter the year, but 2017, it was very different as should have been expected. Nothing has been remotely similar to what Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers have experienced prior to this amazing and consistently demanding year however. It was easily felt early morning of 11-11, that more big shifting changes were taking place and because of that more old lower frequency stuff, people and consciousness was doing its best to at least distract. Rebellious resistance to the NEW higher everything from the old lower everything. It’s pointless of course but happens nonetheless.

The last three (trinity) months of every ascension year are potent as they condense, quicken, amplify and push whatever is on our and the spiritual, energetic, ascension and embodiment plates that year, and 2017 is reflecting this to Forerunners in a variety of more advanced and complex ways. This has to happen so we’re energetically prepared to enter the next year at an even higher level of Light. Saying that, I can barely remember October, so from the primary ascending Earth that exists continually in the Now Moment and is not in linear frequency whatsoever, all this can at times get really tricky, strange, stressful on the body and nervous system and requires ongoing determination that stretches Forerunners to the near breaking point… which is the point in many cases. From the secondary ascending Earth world, which I’m in when not in the primary one, things are more difficult to deal with, cope with, not be unseated by and so on but even this is a big aspect of Forerunners learning Mastery with being consciously able to exist in and Work from within multiple locations, dimensions, timelines and so on. This is Forerunners becoming multidimensional Beings of Light and increasingly LOVE (creativity) while simultaneously Embodying more of their Higher Selves and Source into their physical bodies. Is is any wonder why many of us typically feel like we’re falling apart at least once every month?! Honestly, even feeling that is part of the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process. Recognize it for what it really is and just keep going. You aren’t doing anything “wrong” nor are you “failing” at this, this is just how all of it plays out. Out-breath and In-breath of God and all that.

This has been a very hard month for me as I’m sure has been the case for many Forerunners, but it’s also had as is normal, periods of indescribable personal inner peace, empowerment, LOVE, unity, perfection and greater Embodiment or what I’d simply call HOME. What’s HOME? What most call “heaven” but in this ascension case it’s heaven in a physical body on a physical Earth and more. As my personal HOME bliss grows inside me and my physical body, so too does what’s left of my old lower world issues because the Separation of Worlds or bifurcation is taking place within every Forerunner/Wayshower/Pathpaver, not only externally.

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On-Going Meditations for Today

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For those who would like to participate in encouraging the positive cooperation of mid-level Cabal ~ as suggested by Cobra ~ please visit Prepare For Change for details.

Forward- Motivators are Viewed in "the Heavens" - Gaia Portal - 19 November 2017

Veritas was the goddess of truth in Roman mythology.

Source: Gaia Portal

Forward-motivators are viewed in “the Heavens”.
Astrals of the veil are disappeared.
Markers of progress Illuminate.
Veritas is the word.

18 November 2017

A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation – Part X: Consciousness ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 26 January 2017

This is just a section provided on Mohsen's fb page:

It is explicated that there are two aspects of congealed light of consciousness that give rise to our ‘physical’ reality by a way of thought and emotional energy. These include space and matter, of which space is an illusory concept, but provides a convenient venue for life experimentation.

Innerspace, however, is quite real. It is a forum in which the units of consciousness are at play. And, consciousness originates from the ‘Divine Mind’ of the Prime Creator, what the author refers to as the SOURCE.

The Prime Creator gives each and every sentient being its consciousness, and is the originator of the ALL THAT EXIST or CAN EXIST by what is referred to as the ‘First Cause’ of creation. All sentient beings exist as the constituent parts of the body of the Prime Creator, which is referred to as the ‘cosmos.’

As the offspring of the Prime Creator, all sentient beings are, in essence, co-creators, a fact that constitutes the ‘Second Cause’ of creation. Life signifies dynamism, a venue for consciousness expansion, which is attained through spiritual education via experimentation in space with matter, effectuated through proper utilization of thought and emotional energies.

The frequencial energies originally conceived by the Divine Mind of our Prime Creator as the First Cause, are presorted via the Second Cause of co-creation and woven as the fabric of our reality, which are, subsequently, streamed upon us to form our sojourns of life with the singular mission to effect spiritual education culminating in our consciousness expansion, and inevitably, that of the cosmos.

Thus overall, there are only two phenomena of significance: the life experiences, and their culmination in consciousness expansion.

The process of God SOURCE seeding the matrix of awareness through the pixels of minute particulate involves what is termed flashing units of consciousness, electromagnetic units that pulse in and out of all realities in a strobe of light flash. And, consciousness is disseminated through the conversion of the innerspace into light via the Engine of Light, in which the internal structure of the innerspace containing units of consciousness is transformed to bands of light with myriad of distinct frequencies.

In this regard, our universe continuously flashes in and out in a pulsing sequence of light energy frames that consist of the consciousness units distributed in such a way that they are reduced from the inner to the outer circles of the cosmos. This means the outer (lower) dimensions have a considerably lower light quotients than the inner (higher) dimensional parts of the cosmos.

These flashing energy units are geometric in nature, and occur with a relatively short ‘life’ span. The Engine of Light operates as the conscious generator of all pulsing creation, flashing within and without sacred energy units that can be termed as consciousness codes in the form of geometric light particulates into all universes and time sequence probabilities. And, the primary mechanism by which the Engine of Light is operational is through the conversion of matter to antimatter and vice versa via the black and white holes, respectively.

In this respect, the black holes collect the futile stale energies of matter and relay them to the infinitesimal white holes that revitalize these energies via the advent of antimatter energy before being released into the cosmos. And, the sequencing of energy in and energy out creates a flashing effect within the consciousness and time sequence of our reality. This mechanism of flashing pulse of consciousness is akin to having our oversoul occupying the hub of a carousel that disseminates the light of consciousness sequentially onto its constituent souls residing on the rim of the wheel. Upon receiving the light of consciousness composed of coded light that are comprised of pre-sorted programs of reality, a soul, in turn, may be envisioned to inhabit the center of a smaller carousel of consciousness, distributing the light onto its soul aspects dwelling at the rim of this smaller wheel of consciousness.

Our oversoul, and in turn, our soul are calibrated within the flashing sequence. The soul aspect, on the other hand, coexists on many layers of time sequence. In essence, we exist in the conscious eternal NOW. The unpredictability of all the soul aspects allows the formation and the fulfillments of infinitely varying patterns, potentials, and probabilities. And, beyond our oversoul, beyond our divine self, there is another higher self and beyond that, still another, of which our oversoul is intimately aware. Thus, there is always another level above us to grow into.

In essence, we are constantly engaged in a spiritual career, having always another curriculum to follow as a way of acquiring a never-ending state of accomplishment. And, the extent of consciousness may be measured in terms of a phenomenon that the author refers to as propinquity, one’s closeness with respect to the SOURCE.

In terms of light, this may be expressed as the light quotient or frequency of vibration. Moreover, a detailed discussion of the nature of our consciousness has been presented with a particular reference to our energetic structure.

For more, please visit Quantum Mechanics of the Cosmos.

Unique Gate Opening Occurring: Post-Choice-Point ~ Sandra Walter ~ 17 Novembber 2017

If we are to become beings who can go into distorted realities and transform them back to pure Light, we must experience Mastery of that function here.
When all is veiled, clarity and guidance are stripped away, we discover our True Self.
Mastery dispels doubt from our core to reveal our faith in ourselves,the unconditional power of Love, and the omniscient Presence of Source.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers will be opening for the November 21-25 influx starting with the New Moon, Saturday 3:42amPT. While the light is ever-increasing, this Gateway has a unique quality to it, mainly because of what was experienced during the Light Tribe choice-point phase. The Cosmic Trigger of November 23rd initiates the Sacred passage of the December/January influxes. This is not an open-and-closed Gateway, it is the opening for the seven-week transformational passage for forerunners/Wayshowers of Ascension. 

It has been a strong year; we open our hearts to the unknown, yet intuitively felt, embodiment of the multidimensional Self at the New Earth level. Solaris has been strong in my awareness all week as well; an indication of Solar Cosmic Christ support on the way.

The Light Tribe Choice Point: Mastery Test and Bifurcation Side-Effects
The Light Tribe choice point comes to a close with this Gateway. Many felt -or are feeling – this choice point in a profound way. The disconnection from Secondary timelines over the last few weeks took us to a deeper understanding of the Ascending Self. The sense of detachment from the old Self, old realities, emotions, even the heart-center for some, was a strong test of Mastery. It may have challenged fears, habits or beliefs. Old coping mechanisms may have surfaced. Most of that is the physical, mental and emotional levels grasping for an old reality which is gone. The hang-time between absent lower timelines (dissolving platforms) and a fully anchored new reality makes the lower consciousness uncomfortable. It searches for the familiar and finds nothing to cling to. As always, we are paving the energetic pathways to the new experience.

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Allowing a New Template ~ The Team and Peggy Black ~ 16 November 2017

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message familyNov 16, 2017

 ___________ My Personal Message___________

The fall season is here with rain and colder weather. We had to set our clocks back which I do not like to do. I enjoy it staying light longer in the evening. It does give one pause to think about moving time around. The 'team' is always inviting me to play with time.

This has certainly been a busy, fast paced month. I have been committed to finishing the next Morning Messages book set. I am thrilled to realize they are almost complete. I was hoping to have them available for holiday gift possibilities, however, it seems they will be launched in the new year. It is such a joy to work with the 'team' and my graphic artist Melanie who has assisted me with all the morning messages projects. We have such fun.

Another project that is coming to completion is the new personal website. Here again the universe arranges for the perfect person to partner with me. Marcel is the web design wizard and I provide the content and together we have woven a visually inviting site. I am so excited to be able to share it with you. Coming soon...

I was thrilled to rediscover an old tool I had forgotten about. It is a biofeedback game called the Wild Divine. You interact with the game though your breath and heartbeat.  It is a wonderful reminder of my own personal power to affect my reality.

I am grateful that all is well with me and the family as we prepare for the holidays. My grandson and his partner are moving back to California after a decade in New York. My entire family gathers for several days in Sonora in the home of my daughter's father and wife. We have been celebrating family together since our divorce in 1974. Amazing when you think about it. I am also so grateful for this Morning Message family, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

I have so much to be grateful for. I am grateful to be alive and connected with you through this work. I send you my blessings and well wishes for all that you are experiencing.

I am booking appointments now, so if you desire to connect with the 'team' please contact me. I love offering these sessions, they bring clarity and guidance.

Thank you so much for your calls and kind messages of support. Your love and prayers are greatly appreciated. The emails, bluesky gifts and cards I receive from you are so inspiring. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy
_________ Message from the 'Team' _________ 

Allowing a New Template
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here addressing you once again with our acknowledgment and encouragement. We continue to sponsor and support your awakening. The 3D environment that you enrolled in when you selected to embody is intensifying as it is in the process of decaying. The energies and patterns that have held this challenging matrix of illusion in place are being revealed.

More and more individuals are waking up and realizing who they truly are as divine creators.The process of this awakening has been slow and steady for some and for others it has been a rather intense sudden awakening. However, once an individual expands their consciousness outside the limited mental box, they cannot totally return to their unconscious state of mind.  Many of you reading these words understand what we are sharing.

We celebrate your awakening however it has occurred and we encourage you to continue to expand your understanding of who you really are and your role in anchoring a new energetic matrix of life-sustaining conscious light.

In your awakening process be mindful to support one another. Use the tools that support and anchor your expansion. Use sound frequencies, mediation, movement, and connect to the energy offered by your planet . Continue to remember to unplug from the limitations offered by the old paradigm. Everything you know is shifting, changing and morphing into a different reality.

You are in an ascension process; as divine multidimensional beings you are meant to travel, move, and shift from one dimension to another with ease. Each time you ascend to a higher frequency or dimension of consciousness and return to this earthly 3D reality, you bring expanded codes. These codes then become available to all earthwalkers.

Many awakened beings continue to work diligently in restoring the energy gridwork around this planet. Those who are doing this service often are following an inner urge or guidance to move, travel or live in a certain area. In doing so, they leave an energetic code or imprint as they move about. By their dedicated work the energy grids are being restored, allowing a new template or matrix to be activated and aligned with the Galactic Center.

Many awakened beings are also doing stellar work and service by holding a clear frequency of gratitude, love and compassion instead of fear and other misqualified emotions and energy.  By holding a holistic and balanced frequency they add strength to the grid of the new template.

We acknowledge you as you read these words knowing their truth. You are here to shift, transform, shake up the old dysfunctional realities. You are here anchoring conscious light.

You are here creating a bridge or gridwork to the other dimensions. You are not meant to be trapped in this often hostile limited environment. We often observe how easily one can drop or be pulled into a lower vibration or frequency. That is the allure of this dysfunctional matrix or template. Allow yourself to imagine and practice shifting to the higher dimensions. We know that many of you have experienced this as well as realizing that you are straddling more than one dimension. Practice this skill and ability; it is yours by birthright as the galactic citizen you are.

There is no judgment regarding this, it is simply an observation that we know you recognize as well. We have often stated that emotions are contagious. As empathic beings you will often match the energy surrounding you. The important task is to know this and simply remember to use your awareness to transform what you have encountered.
In this awakening process it is important to always be gentle with yourself and remember that your physical body is catching up with your awakened spiritual expansion. You physical body is truly changing at a cellular level. This has been happening for many years and it is now accelerating. So we remind you to listen to your body's messages, be in partnership with the consciousness of each cell. You may have experienced or be experiencing the body's reaction to the increase energy flow. Some of these reactions may manifest as fever, chills, vertigo, hives, heart palpitations and other symptoms that come and go.

Be responsible for the care of the physical form as it is undergoing an inner transformation. Seek professional assistance if guided to do so, also take responsibility to nurture yourself. Stay physically and energetically anchored to your earth base. Eat healthy foods, stay hydrated and spend time in quiet space. These careful suggestions and reminders allow your physical body to energetically match your expanded consciousness and your energy body.

Use your awareness as alchemist to transform the energy of the foods you ingest, the misqualified energies you encounter for the restoring and expansion of your DNA codes to the original blueprint. Your every conscious action supports your personal evolution and the anchoring of your divine creator awareness.

Remember to practice and use the tools of your imagination, your focused intentions and your ability to transform any misqualified energy with which you interface. Honor and trust yourself, your guidance and your work. Remember to stay in the moment of NOW. It is in your focused attention and presence in the NOW that you are most powerful.

You are here to transform this 3D limited reality. You are here to seed, and anchor a new life-sustaining template. You are here to create the bridge or portal to the higher dimensions. You are here carrying the frequency that quickens and stimulates others to awaken to who they truly are. You are here as skilled alchemist transforming and transmuting any limited pattern of this old matrix. You are here as professional cosmic repairer to this energy grid and matrix.

We are in awe of you and your dedicated work and service as you continue to transform this earthly 3D reality. Humanity is literally awaking in masses, calling forth all misqualified energies to be revealed. Once these negative patterns and behaviors are made public they can be transformed by conscious alchemical light, and you have been and are a powerful force in what is occurring now. We are always available to support, encourage and remind you of your magnificence. the 'team'
©2017 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved.
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