22 May 2018

The Dawn of Satya Yuga

As far as I know, there are a few interpretations of the Yugas (Ages). This one is cyclical in nature, so that means that after Kali Yuga, we will mercifully slip into Satya Yuga, which some believe we are now in that transition. It is also said that we are already at the "winter" stage of the Kali Yuga, which is the darkest of the dark (and omigoddess don't we know that....), so the only way out is "up" or should I say, "Light".

Then there is another version of the Yugas, which is based on the basis that after Kali Yuga we transition "back" again, into Dvapara Yuga, then Treta, etc.

I think I would like the Satya Yuga now, thank you :)

Finally, there's one presented by Richard Rudd a couple of years ago in a webinar:
Richard explained (if I remember correctly) that we are entering what he calls the "Kalki (Avatar) Yuga" which is our Ascension. This comes from the prophecy that foretells of Kalki ushering in the Satya Yuga, thus ending the Kali Yuga. The Sixth Root Race will also be introduced at this time. You can listen to the webinar here.

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Putting Things in Perspective....

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Love and Value ~ Kara Schallock ~ 20 May 2018

Source: Soulstice Rising

On May 29th there is another Full Moon bringing another Opportunity to be more Love. Join in the energies by keeping your thoughts, feelings and actions aligned in Love. Meanwhile, we have been experiencing many downloads of high dimensional Light. This has exacerbated much upheaval in leftover beliefs that limit and emotions that are deeper in the subconscious. Our Divine Service (Being Love) is upgraded. Be kind even to those our separate ego deems “bad” (remember, there is no good or bad in the New). I want to share something someone wrote to me today (Thank you, Megan). It illustrates pure Love in Divine Service:

“...it is interesting to embrace that actually everyone I meet loves me and I love them. The only thing that seems to stop me from realizing and experiencing this Love is my false belief that tells me this is not so...Could it truly be that under all the stories, everyone loves everyone? I like this as my core belief.”

We all are Love. Most are so attached to their old stories they cover up the Love they are with belief systems that say, “I'm not o.k; I will get you before you get me.” If all could drop their stories and their blame, all would discover that they have always been Love. Recently I had a conversation with someone I hadn't been in touch with for several years. As I listened openly, I discerned that she is still attached to her old stories; her old beliefs; even though she claims to be “spiritual.” She is still seeking outside of herself and nothing has changed since I have met her; a very long time ago. She still seeks outside of herself, when all is within. I can always tell when a person is protecting the lies of their separate ego; they defend themselves. While I saw that she is a karmic mirror to the last dregs I hold within me, it is not for me to try and convince another of something, but rather, listen with Compassion and allow them their illusions; it is their path and not mine. There are many in my life with whom I no longer resonate with, as there probably are in yours. We can love others unconditionally, yet not be a part of their lives. We love because Love is who we are. Others love us too, whether they are aware of that or not. Loving all is our Divine Service, including loving ourselves. Ascension is a continual flow into being and expressing Love more and more. Ascension never stops; it is infinite, as we are. We simply continue to be more and more Love.

We need not react to our or another's emotions; instead, we respond as we look deeper and find the belief that has created the emotion. Have you pondered the word “emotion?” It is being out of Flow (e-motion). All our work is to be in Flow, rather than resisting anything. What is sin? It literally means “off the mark.” Sin is not what religions have told us it is and we are not saved by some “sinless” being. Being off the mark simply is a helpful reminder to adjust our sails so that we flow once again. Emotions merely show us where we are not flowing. Are you listening? Are you adjusting your sails?

Rising to Christed Consciousness takes much focus and Perseverance. Actually, the Truth is that you are already Christed. With every awakened choice, you expose your true consciousness. Others can help by reflecting who you are back to you, yet it is up to you to do the work. By removing what no longer belongs (like what Michaelangelo did when sculpting the Pieta), you expose your Christed Consciousness; the masterpiece within. If you sense you are all alone; that others don't understand you; remind yourself that you are creating and manifesting the New. Ascension/Christed Consciousness guides you to leave what is safe and comfortable and in the process, those who choose to have a safe and predictable life may not like you (they love you though). It's o.k. not to be accepted by the ones who remain in the old matrix. You did not choose this path to be liked and accepted. You chose this path to bring forward a new life. Continue to be true to what you know is right in your Heart, letting go of the old need to be approved of. If you feel rejected, let it be and release that old energy; it may have come from old lifetimes and carried forth life after life. It is now that you may let it go. What is essential is that you remain true to yourself. You are a Love Warrior. Follow your Guidance and Intuition always. Give with no conditions. Love.

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From Elsewhere ~ Rumi

My Soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there.

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Firing The Grid Update ~ Cobra ~ 21 May 2018

Somehow, I was expecting an update like this....This, to me, is extremely good news. For those with a Cintamani companion, please read. I'll copy in full below. Thanks, Cobra :)

Source: The Portal

Certain Light Forces fleet, even more evolved than the Pleiadian fleet, has begun activating and preparing certain key members of the surface population for Compression Breakthrough and the Event.

This process may trigger all of suppressed energy patterns and belief systems and its purpose is to test preparedness.

Remain calm.

Dragon sources have communicated that holders of cintamani stones are part of the planetary grid for Compression Breakthrough. This grid now extends into the Agartha network. Cintamani is a sacred stone of the Agartha network. Dragons are asking everybody to treat cintamani stones with respect and are requesting people who are involved in surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones in moments when they are having a conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in a extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

Victory of the Light!

This hardly EVER happens - Earth soon to be in the middle of a RARE planetary arrangement ~ MrMBB333 ~ 16 May 2018

This video by MrMBB333 shows a phenomenon that will occur around 9 July of this year, when ALL the Planets ~ yes including our dear Pluto ~ will be on the same side of the Sun (as seen in the image above, with Pluto and Saturn further out and therefore not within the screen). They will stay on the same side for 5-6 weeks, until late August.

He feels that the animals are already sensing this very rare alignment (I don't know when was the last time this occurred) and are exhibiting unusual behaviour. The anomalous weather patterns as well as Earth movements, especially what's happening now in Hawaii, may also be indicative of this upcoming alignment.

I appreciate him mentioning Nikola Tesla's discovery (download?) that all Planets have their own frequencies (Music of the Spheres). He also brings up a valid point that hadn't occurred to me ~ when all the Planets are on one side of the Sun, what will it mean in terms of energetic balance?

Dare we hope for a *ahem* MAJOR COSMIC EVENT to be triggered?

Yes, I dare!

I should mention that in the past, this month of Ramadan is usually mercilessly hot, and I often wonder how the those who are fasting get by without water. (But most of all, I often ask myself when some brave cleric would abolish this practice.)

This time, however, we've had rain every day since Ramadan started. Heavy rain, replete with startlingly super-loud thunder and trigger-happy lightning that leaves me awestruck.

5D Shift: New Phase Activated: Unwinding the Karmic Construct ~ Open ~ 21 May 2018

Source: Open Hand

As we pass through the Inflexion Point between the Old Paradigm and the New, the influx of vibrant energy pulls on the tethering of the old Karmic Construct, progressively unraveling it. From past experience, there comes a point, where the old reality becomes fundamentally untenable in any kind of fixed state. The Deva underpinning it - in this case Gaia - reaches the point of no return, and signals her readiness to begin withdrawing energy from the old construct. It is my conviction, that the ongoing shifts in tectonic plates, as illuminated by the Hawaii Kilauea Volcano eruption, indicate we're passing through that milestone.

What will it mean?

The Karmic Construct

All reality condenses into form from the surrounding Quantum Soup, based on the need to explore various karmic lessons. Sentient life manifests a crucible, through which to learn, evolve and grow. Any such construct has great possibility for illumination through expression. And crucially, all reality constructs have inherent instability woven into their very fabric; they will inevitably decay over time, unleashing bound up consciousness, so it may shift to higher vibrations, thereby forming a new harmonic construct - it's how life progressively evolves.

Plenty of the karmic lessons each soul has set before them will be unique to the individual, but there will also be key ones that are common, and thereby connect sentient life into groups of inquiry. Here are some of the key ones that I see happening on Earth...
  • How to stay connected to the divine flow, whilst in a strongly engaging physical density
  • How to create and experience life's bounteous wonders, yet not to exploit or cause unnecessary harm
  • How to mutually support as a group, yet integrate personal soul sovereignty, evolving as an individual
  • How to experience Intervention through the Field, and yet align with the souls evolving integrational path
  • How to cherish and respect all life, without judging, controlling or manipulating
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Time to Choose ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 20 May 2018

"The disks in the spine actually contain programming.
It is not a coincidence they are called disks."
Source: Jenny Schiltz

So much is changing and rapidly, it seems as if we work through one aspect of self, fears, doubts or worries, only to be shown it again on a deeper level. This time is all about change but the underlying theme is can we trust and allow the changes to flow. Can we be in a place of surrender and in active creation at the same time?

There is an unfolding taking place. We are opening, like a flower blooming to all that we are. It is a time in which we are being asked to let go of all we think and know. We are being asked to trust completely in ourselves, our soul and not allow the distractions of the world to cause us to lose focus. The words “Keep your eye on the prize” have been ringing in my head whenever I get pulled away from my center.

The other word that has come front and center is CHOOSE. Choose what we want for our lives. Choose how we want to give back. Choose what we want to focus on. Choose who we want to be with. This word can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. For in it we can dare to dream of all the possibilities. Yet it is with the full knowledge that this life is our creation, our responsibility and our platform for soul growth.
It is the understanding that I am the most powerful person in my universe and you are the most powerful person in yours. #empowerment #ascensionCLICK TO TWEET
When we look at choosing what we want for our lives we will bring towards us scenarios, people, and places that help us to define what we want and what we don’t want. The more layered we are with programming and beliefs that don’t align with our truest self the more we will experience and be shown what we don’t want for our lives.

To experience the collapse of what we thought we wanted, who we thought we were, or even what we defined as needing can be very painful and full of stress. It can look as if all around you is collapsing, but if you look real close you will see that while the foundation may have looked pretty, in reality, it was only a house of cards. When something is in alignment with your soul and your growth, it sticks. It will not change until it has shown you want you needed to learn or until it is no longer assisting in your evolution.

The most painful place to be in these energies is in a place of resistance. When we fight the flow of energy of what is, it is like trying to stand still in a raging river. It hurts and we can feel battered and bruised. It also firmly locks us into a reality that is no longer in our highest interest. It is when we allow the flow of the river to take us, that we open ourselves to miraculous change. We don’t have to like our current situation but we do need to accept it and see it for the growth it provides.

Physically we are all over the place.

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