25 February 2018

Signals, Timelines and Looping ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 24 February 2018

Net of Light
Source: Laura Eisenhower

There are certain states of mind that the body can't contain anymore without it creating symptoms. When the same thing keeps looping, you know you need to crack the code and say to yourself, this is an unwanted item -- its time to jump out of the plane and not question whether the parachute works! Just soar, let go and trust! You are surrendering and still given the ability to steer things, like a Skipper and boat on the Ocean!


At all times we have the option to connect with certain signals and which ones we integrate determines the Timeline that we are on.

There is AI (Artificial Intelligence) signals that surround us and Archons --- Mind control, toxicity, disempowerment, entity attachments, false light, externalization of self, negative Ego traps, emotional contamination, duality, false Ascension into digression --- and then there is Organic Ascension signals -- Sovereignty, authenticity, Unity, honesty, integrity, shadow work, awareness, higher Consiousness, accountability...

It takes sensitivity, a bit of vulnerability, self-reflection, transparency, guts and the willingness ~ to know the difference.

The Meaning of Incense Smoke ~ Tiffany Geneese

Southern Hemisphere Pagan
Now I know! Thanks to Kelly Lapseritis for sharing.

Directed Energy Weapons - Cobra - 24 February 2018

Let's give this legs and spread it far and wide!

Source: The Portal

Directed energy weapons are NOT plasma weapons, they are NOT scalar weapons. They are physical weapons emitting electromagnetic radiation:

They are used by the Cabal in their attacks towards the awakened part of human population:

By attacking civilian targets, the perpetrators are violating the fourth Geneva convention and this constitutes a war crime:

Perpetrators will be persecuted according to international civil and military law as soon as the planet is liberated.

You can find a detailed list of intel resources about directed energy weapons here:

Weapons most frequently used in attacks against civilians are sonic lasers:

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On-Going Meditations

I'm adding links to a couple more meditations here as well, for those who feel called.

One is for the Heart Star ~ Love Light Meditation from Joanna Fay, and the other is Sandra Walter's Unity Meditation.

Then there is the usual list, compiled by We Love Mass Meditations. Being a Sunday, we also have the Weekly Ascension Meditation.

Blue Ray Ascension Shift Update ~ Shekina Rose ~ 24 February 2018

Source: Shekina Rose

The Integrating and settling of the Frequency Holders Transition to the New Earth
Timeline Shifts ~ Ringing Tone Frequencies in the Ears

Many of the New forerunners Frequency holders of the New Earth are still allowing the incoming sacred frequency to settle and anchor. You may be feeling and sensing new information, insights and pathways about your purpose, Galactic missions, origins and spiritual gifts.

There is a renewal of inspiration for a new direction for you to share and express your unique gifts of the Creator. You are being given signs, signals and affirmations that you are a part of something greater a higher divine plan. Where an enhanced support field for your reason for being here on the planet is increasing, a connection with your divine, inner power and spirit guides.

Timeline Shift A choice to make

Some maybe experiencing shifts in the time line. Where there is a sudden time lag, as if time stopped just for a half of a moment though in that space you expand out of time to inter dimensional space. This is where you sense an increased in your extra-dimensional awareness and expanded vibrational resonances. This gives you an energetic imprint marker on your journey of life and that you have a choice to make. What is being given is an upgrade expansion of your Divine Blue Print

You are learning how to consciously astral and time travel as time keepers of your own destiny. And maybe the reason why people have suddenly left or entered your life and or why there could be conflict with others.

333 The ringing tone frequencies in the ears
The New Earth frequencies of the ringing tone frequencies in the ears or hearing musical tones that comes and then goes away. It will usually be on only one of the ears. This can be that your frequency is shifting and expanding a recalibration to a higher frequency capacity.

This can also be a sign of contact from your guides/ the Universe, about your ascension and where you are receiving spiritual downloads.
{Always check with a health care provider" to rule out any medical or physical issues}.

Notice if you have emotions that come up that are intense this can be and energetic block allowing you to transform so you can progress and increasing your vibration frequency. Allow, breath, let go, release to love, and forgiveness all attachments, cords, control agenda, soul contacts that are not where you are now in your highest good of your sovereign self.

Honor the process of the anchoring of the alignment with your own unique personal frequency with the cycles of Gaia. As your body maybe shifting, integrating with clearing toxins, programs and emotions where you will need down time and resting. You will know for how long and when the Universe is calling you to act and remerge.

By doing so you are working with the sacred divine feminine and being natural Gatekeepers for the new Earth Grid by the flow and transformations that are happening through you. The sacred divine feminine healing of balance is remerging through the higher heart of the crystalline light body and grids of Gaia.


Shekina Rose, Blue Ray Peace Emissary & Channel, Light Language of Love Harmonic Vocalist in the 528 Hz Miracles, Love DNA Repair, Healer, Soul Reader and Galactic Ambassador of Unity


~The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process.

Are You From the Blue Ray http://www.shekinaspeaks.com/Blue_Ray.html

Soul Readings & Star Alignment Galactic Origins https://sellfy.com/2710414099667825

Pleaidain StarGate Pendants by Shekina Rose http://shekinarose333.wixsite.com/stargatelightportal/stargatependants
2018 Inner Earth/Pleiadian 333 New Earth Message Number Sequences Contact /Sedona AZ

Plasma Fire Alchemy ~ 24 February 2018

Source: New Earth Central

We are now in the integration stage since the past two eclipses, assimilating and adjusting to the solar light upgrades. The body is opening to higher light frequencies as well as clearing deeply embedded emotional trauma. In order to achieve soul-embodiment, we must prepare the vessel to live on light.

The amazing Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle is highlighting the theme of empowerment. Firing up the North-South Nodes, these eclipses are transforming power structures from patriarchal domination to balanced (masculine/feminine) soul-based empowerment. When we pass through a threshold point it acts as a catalyst for deep alchemical transformation.

Power issues are consuming the collective consciousness in a global awakening, led by student protests against a corrupt system. As a child in the 60’s, I remember the hippie revolution as flower children rejected the controlling establishment. We are now the Guardians of our awakened youth and stand by them as they usher in a new paradigm.

The galactic surge of plasma energy streaming into Earth’s field is altering the consciousness. Plasmas are strong electrical conductors, one of the fastest wavelengths of light which form in vortex energy. One of the platonic solids, the tetrahedron represents plasma fire. After the Solar Eclipse I began to ‘see’ an elaborate plasma network merge into my biofield. It transferred so much heat to my body I was burning in a fevered state for two days. It began to unlock and expel deeply embedded emotional trauma from my gut/solar plexus.

Healing with the refiner’s fire is purifying and dissolving. Integrating Plasma fire is regenerative and alchemical. You are moving into a new level of transformation, as your Soul prepares you to live as light. We will be covering the eclipse integration and upcoming Virgo Full Moon in our next New Earth Central show this Saturday, March 3rd at 12pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern. The show will include your questions and ‘live’ Ascension Activations to assist your upgrade.

Register to attend here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=121509

Lovingly, Meg

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Ascension Council Update ~ Joanna Fay ~ 24 February 2018

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

Greetings! Today we’re focusing with a ‘planetary ascension overview’, the current energetic stage of the Earth’s shift-in-progress, with a request from the Ascension Council, the focus group of the Galactic Council with the role of overseeing higher vibrational shifts of planets and stars in this galaxy, which connects with the Earth Council beings of Love (who on Earth are often referred to as Ascended Masters & Lady Masters, Elders, Earth Guardians, the Light-keepers of Agartha, Shambhala and many sacred nodes ), Gaia’s close network through this process.

On February 15th, the first eclipse phase of 2018 completed with a partial solar eclipse that shaded Antarctica and transmuted several layers of ‘war trauma’ vibrations imprinted in the Earth’s energy field, as a ‘plug was pulled’ from the South Polar region in the etheric/astral bands of the fourth dimension. Many beautiful Lights moved around the planet at that moment, gathering and transforming those energies as they unhooked from the Earth grid. This is how the flurry of light beings and released energies projected overhead here, a couple of hours before the peak of the eclipse (about 4am here), while divine rays of Light were held through the eclipse alignment. Just glorious! 🙂

More images at Heart Star

We use the word ‘flurry’ in relation to the swirl of duality energies in 4D becoming more noticeable…which has appeared here with slippages of cloaking of control-oriented beings, and reflects in 3D as deeper recognition of control-based programmes and constructs at individual and collective levels. To stay in true alignment with the inflow of Ascension, the key is to anchor through our beings the constant overview of the Soul/Higher Self/Inner Divine, from the unity in universal love and peace that streams through the Fifth Dimension and higher.

To feel how duality expresses distinctly in the third and fourth dimensions, in 3D it’s easy to recognize as tensions between thought structures, social and ideological constructs. In 4D, duality expresses through the contrast of standing, seeing and feeling through the inner zero-point of pure Being, with feeling bounced around in the 4D space-time spiralling energy motion. This can feel chaotic until re-aligning to inner centre, the steady ‘still point in the storm’ while the 4D shakedown and shake loose of meshed dense energies is in progress.  The fluctuation of personal energies many feel at this time is a reflection of that shifting back and forth, in and out of centre. If this is how you’re feeling, breathe deeply, love and trust yourself to re-align, knowing you can, knowing the inner guiding light is always there and comes into focus when you’re able to settle in gentle kindness to yourself and others, to all beings.

Your inner guiding light is a concentrated beam shining from the unity in universal love and peace that is the primary vibration of the higher dimensions and realms of Light, where Divine Love flows unfiltered by limiting constructs. Seeing and sensing from this expansive overview is beautifully symbolized in the flight of eagles and hawks in the 3D world; when a storm approaches, rather than seeking shelter as most birds and animals do, they fly upward and over the top of the storm, into the serenity of the overview (hence our star brothers and sisters have been connected symbolically with eagles, and will reflect their energies through these birds when giving a message of holding the overview of universal love). This overview constantly guides us into and through centre, into the still point within that is uninfluenced by the storm, freely soaring on the ‘divine winds of change’.

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Neptune & Triton's Transformation ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep11 ~ 5 February 2018

Please view here:

Astrologically, Neptune is a planet of spirituality, deep insight and transfiguration, and changes on this gas giant may be indications of such transformations happening to all conscious beings in our solar system.

David Wilcock defines a hyperdimesnional model of scalar waves intersecting to form the geometric patterns across Neptune and the surface of its moon. What we are seeing is sacred geometry building matter. This may be the proof we need to show us that the solar system is fulfilling ancient prophecies of a coming mass-ascension event for humanity.

This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast February 5, 2018.