21 March 2018

Healing ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

Now you can talk about the laying on of hands and what, in fact, that truly is. And what that is is bringing forth frequency from a higher level through the system and the energy field of the body to integrate it and support another in her healing.

It is not required nor recommended ever that you use your own system as the source of healing. We are working with Paul now as a channel. When you work in healing, you are a channel for the higher frequencies. You are not the healer; you are the one serving as the conduit for the healing. This will keep your ego out of the way. It will also align you to the frequency you require to begin to do the work.

However, if you are ever in depletion after doing healing work, you will know that you utilized your own energies in passage, and that is not a healthy thing to do.

Paul Selig –The Book of Love and Creation
A channeled text

5D Shift: Understanding the Torsional Influx of High Vibrational Energy ~ Open ~ 12 March 2018

Source: Openhand

The Great 5D Shift is engaging higher gears now. The shadow side of humanity has fully revealed itself. I can now feel this being met by a strong response from Benevolence - the stakes in this global 'game' have just been raised: in that there's a strong influx of higher vibrational energy coming in to stir up the bed of this mucky pond. Because the density is being so challenged, it's also meaning that the light can flow in more strongly. It's coming in to connect the dots between people, to initiate stronger collective positive action to support the shift. How can tuning into these flows benefit you?...

Insurges of Higher Vibrational Energy
Since the recent Breakthrough World Tour I have hardly slept a wink. Each time I close my eyes, or sit in quiet stillness, a force of such incredible energy surges through my higher chakras and engages the field around. The energy is literally seeking out some of the densest vibrations on the planet and stirring them up. The torsional force is at times so strong, it feels like my third eye is literally going to explode!
But as I encourage with everyone else, don't back away from the intensity you feel. Instead look right into the heart of it, feel right in. Unravel any of your own retraction or resistance. Open yourself out through it. In that way you infuse soul and become a more powerful channel of light.
What will the effect of these insurges be?


3D World on the Cusp of Crucial Change
I get the sense that the 3D world is on the cusp of a crucial change which could see the direction take very different pathways. Big business and the old consciousness has been further elected to even greater power. Yet in itself, this is not a bad thing. Because the shadow side has just revealed itself even more strongly. And I can literally feel these nauseous, unpleasant and very toxic reflections stirring many people up.
It's time. Humanity must step out of his own shadow in order to truly rise out of this density.
So imagine it this way: the veils over truth have first been stripped away - the veils that were preventing people seeing what's really happening to life on the planet. This uncovered darkness then pulls in a counterbalancing light, like waves rushing into an imprint in the sand. And in this imprint, sentient creatures have the chance to return to the ocean once more. So the light is rushing in. What does this mean in a practical sense?

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Equinox Gateway Diamond Light ~ Celia Fenn ~ 20 March 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

As the Equinox Gateway opens, the Diamond Light is streaming through.
It is so bright where I live I felt totally bedazzled driving home from my painting class.
I don't remember when last the Equinox light has been so powerful!

This wonderful translucent light is lifting consciousness, flooding the Grids and our Light Bodies and helping to establish and manifest the New Earth.

It is also illuminating anything....beliefs or relationships.....that may be holding us back from crossing the dimensional bridge into the New Earth. It is finding what we may call the "original" or "ur" wound in this life time and other lifetimes that we may still be carrying and that now finally needs to be laid down and released.

This process of releasing heavy low frequency energy and making space for the new High Frequency Diamond Light can be an exhausting process. Many people may feel like they just need to sleep as much as they can, but when they get to bed they cannot sleep.

This is simply because the Golden Solar light and the Diamond Light is so energizing on a deep level that it may be difficult to "switch off" as you acclimate to these new levels of light. Just try to rest as much as you can and know that it will settle soon.

Have a wonderful Equinox and safe passage through the Solar Portal! 

If you are feeling these energies then you are heading for the 9th Dimensional Master of Light in the New Earth energy.


What we have worked for is here.


Is Consciousness Heterogeneous, Homogeneous or Hologramic? ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 18 July 2014

Life, as we know it, constitutes what is beyond matter (anti-matter) embedded in matter (physical body).
Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi PhD

"Consciousness is ALL THERE IS in the multiverse."

Source: Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

An oversoul is comprised of a collection of souls and group souls which are certainly diverse in terms of consciousness.

• How does one categorize such a conglomerate of distinctively various consciousnesses?
• How does one define the quality or inherent characteristic of consciousness?
• Is consciousness a linear phenomenon?
• If yes, does principle of superposition apply to consciousness in which one can consider consciousness quality to be additive?
• Or does one need to think of simple averaging scheme or even more complicated patterns for finding the Overall property associated with consciousness?
• Is consciousness homogeneous? Does the consciousness of entirety equal to consciousness of each constituent part?
• It appears not.
• So, as different souls composing an Oversoul have different statuses of consciousness, does the entirety constitute a heterogeneous matrix?
• And, the answer is “definitely not!”
• Although the extent of consciousness units associated with each constituent soul may be variedly different, the inherent property of consciousness is undoubtedly universal.
• In order words, we all have the potential for gaining further consciousness.
• We are all a chip of the old block.
• We all have the same etheric gene for consciousness expansibility.
Slide1• It is also clear that consciousness is additive.
• This means it may be superimposed one upon another to create a blob, a leviathan entity consisting of Mega Consciousness.
• Hence, consciousness is hologramic.
• Since, in essence, Light and consciousness are interchangeable, one can look at following parallel:
• Consider a light source is being projected onto an object.
• Obviously the object receives the light and acquires a certain degree of luminosity.
• Now assume the process is continuously repeated through projecting more and more light from the same [e.g. adding another light bulb] or other sources [a different projector].
• As the process continues, the object becomes brighter and brighter, and in essence, the ‘intensity’ of the overall light illuminating the object increases.
• This is analogous to having the consciousness units of the object [Soul] being increased.
• Although the intensity of the light has increased it adds nothing to the potential for luminosity of the object.
• In another words, the inherent property of the object associated with its capability to absorb, deflect, or reflect light does not change whatsoever.
• This property of the object is indigenous of the color and type of the material it is made of.
• A black, mat type of matter absorbs light in form of heat, while a glass, crystal or diamond reflects more light tremendously, and respectively.
• Consciousness is embedded in antimatter.
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Andrew Bartzis: Walking In Energy

I'm not sure if I've posted this specific yt version before, but here it is again since it was posted at the Galactic Historian fb page.

Andrew Bartzis covers several still-pertinent topics here, despite it being published in 2016. However, the interview itself could be from an even earlier time. I think this is the one with Chris Hales (I haven't had the chance to listen yet)

If you're familiar with Andrew's information regarding the control system and how all of it ties in to the Ascension of the Planet and her Humanity, this interview pretty much covers a good range, based on the sub-topics in the description section. Andrew's details on our Galactic and Human history from the perspective of a Galactic Historian always provide a more expanded landscape for us to better comprehend our utterly convoluted and complex timelimes.

Please listen here.


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Video Time Line: 
00:00 Andrew's Story 
12:47 Mental Breakdowns could Be Spiritual Awakenings 
15:26 Explaining The Hijacking Of The Incarnation Grid 
17:50 The Galactic Ascension Machine 
19:20 Earth Galactic Seed Planet Purpose 
21:15 Creation Of The Galactic Ascension Machine 
23:11 Archon Grid Being Replaced And Council Of 12 
29:32 Prime Creator Walk-in Rule For Creating Balance In The Council Of 12 
34:01 Archon Multidimensional chess game. Freeing Our DNA so they can create the galactic ascension machine somewhere else. 
34:28 Archons Challenging Prime Creator 
34:44 They have already Failed but we have to remove them because we are soul family. We can remove them by Eliminating our soul contracts with them by reclaiming of Sovereign Free Will 
35:15 So How Do You Claim Your Free Will? 
37:30 Religion to what extent are they propaganda 
42:25 The Event Consciousness Shift 
43:36 What does earth look like after the event 
46:25 How the event unfolds I don't know but...... 
47:21 They can hold The Event up for 20 Years Until you see people out marching in the street in the same scale and size as the 1960s You Are Not Free And There Is No Ascension. So The Consciousness Shift Is Going To Have To Play Out By People Actually Getting Out Of Their Seat, Getting Of Their Butts And Exerting Their Free Will Because Only Your Free Will Is What Can Eliminate Your Fine Print Contracts With These Multidimensional Beings That Hijacked Our Incarnation Grid. Simply Put Your Getting Rid Of The Baggage They Have Brought To You. 
49:32 Trickster Spirits 
50:31 All Of This Crap Is Being Revealed 
50:55 What was Dec 21'st 2012 52:34 Did the archons put us into cities on purpose 52:54 The Whole Point Of The Industrial Revolution 
54:16 We are a media driven society without oral traditions 
55:09 How does energy harvesting work (sacred geometry cities) 
1:01:09 Prime Creator Reinforce some neutrality back into the council of 12. Andrew Is an aspect of that neutrality. Sacred Neutral 
1:04:09 Whats Andrews intention and soul objective I am simply being me who is aware that the information stream is limitless and using my freewill to bring about the concept of no more secrets. To Empower people with the concepts of freewill, to empower people to be healers. To Heal others. To come to terms with their soul contracts. 
1:06:58 Michael Monk On Andrew Bartzis 
1:11:51 Galactic Smuggling And Good Guys Can't Interact With Our Realm Earth Unless They Have Soul Contracts To Be Here. 
1:14:10 The exertion of Free Will the empowering of the people what form does that need to take in your eyes?. It Starts With Self Healing, Mastering The Energies That Are Around You. Disconnecting From The Matrix Of The Media, Reconnecting To The Matrix Of The Earth, As Well As Learning Psychic Skills That Are Protected By The Golden Tube Of Protection That Allows You To Connect To Your Higher Self And Into Your Dream Worlds. It Is Within Your Dream Worlds That You Already Have 100% Free Will. But If Your Part Of A Soul Society Dream Time City State, Your Dreams Are Limited. You Have To Learn How To Even Disconnect From That And Reconnect To Your Original Dream Space Of Earth Which Is The North Pole Which Is Where The Aurora Borealis Is. 
1:15:51 What action for humanity to take to bring down the system of domination and control. 
1:16:21 Non Violent Non Cooperation. First Step Take Down The Media Don't Fight The Government 
1:19:22 Michael Monk The Key To Experiencing This World Right Now In A Completely Different Way Is To Become An Energy Master. 
1:20:14 There is never going to be one singular magical day where everything that your to lazy to do for yourself just happens for you. Its part of the false propaganda. A lot of these so called ascension days are put out specifically so people stop working on their consciousness and their own empowerment ArchonMatrix.com 

Rebirth ~ Untwine ~ 18 March 2018

Source: Recreating Balance

Much of the mystery school practices of Ascension have to do with rebirth. This is a spiritual rebirth, not a new cycle of death and reincarnation, but a rebirthing of the Soul directly into the same body. Birth, essentially, is a radiation, a ray of Light sent from the Soul which densifies and manifests the bodies of the personality (mental, astral, etheric, physical). In reincarnation cycles on Earth, as this ray of Light is sent from the Soul and the body is born, there is much interference and programming and coloring of this ray of Light, by the surrounding circumstances, the patterns of the parents and surrounding culture, etc. All this has nothing to do with the true nature of the Soul, as it filters, programs and conditions the personality.
So, mystery schools have practices of rebirthing the Soul, bringing down the Light of the Soul in a purer environment, birhing it directly from the Goddess divine mother, free from negative and programming patterns, creating a space for the pure presence of the Soul to be anchored.

For this reason, the initiates were calles 'twice born'. (image above)

In advanced societies on liberated planets in the Universe, most races have integrated this to a degree where it is as natural to them as having running water in our homes. They have spiritual technology to manifest bodies which they can model however they like and anytime they like very easily. Death and reincarnation do not exist for them, they live an existance in accordance with the truth that they are an eternal Soul, that really never is born, and never dies. Bodies are only the clothes they wear, the vehicles they are driving to navigate the lower planes (physical astral etc).

These rebirth ceremonies are attuned with nature and are found encoded in much of the ancient myths especially in ancient cultures of the eastern meditteranean area, so much so that they have shaped much of modern indo-european language, phonetics, and symbolism. Similar process is also found in other cultures. I will give some examples of this below to give an idea of it. Remember that words and phonetics are sounds, and sound is a natural manifestation of frequency. The universe is frequency, and sounds have original archetypal meanings, beyond what may be the distorted mental association built around them in modern cultures. This is important to remember when we study phonetics. Also remember that symbolism is everywhere inside and outside of us, the Universe is essentially symbolic and fractal, and the purest symbols are both theoretical and practical. Also please remember that ancient myths, symbols, and the mystery practices behind them, were very cleverly built and had several paralel layers of meaning, I am only giving examples of meaning and interpretation, not a complete decoding of all aspects involved.

Let's start with the name of an ancient Goddess, Har. Harlots were originally priestesses of Har, and the Harems were their temples. These priestesses gave rebirth ceremonies to the higher initiates. Bitch was also a name referring to them and had originally a positive meaning.
Phonetically bitch is almost identical to the beach and this is not random. Remember that the Goddess names Aphrodite and Morgan both mean 'born from the sea' :

Born from the sea
Born from the see
Born from the eye
Born from the I
Born from the I Am - the Soul

At the beach, we also find the harbor, phonetically derived from Har. Also derived from Har, we have the words harmony, hearing :

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'Alien' Mummies from Peru have Human Chromosome Numbers, but not Anatomy – Scientists ~ Jaime Maussan ~ 13 March 2018

Emery Smith posted this link ~ I used to follow the initial episodes of this discovery on Gaia TV and even posted a couple of episode links here. If I remember correctly, I think Emery mentioned this in one of his Cosmic Disclosure appearances as well.

It is interesting to note that RT has edited the article to include some details about Professor Korotkov's "questionable past research" ~ they refer to his work on the human energy fields.

It would be remiss of me if I didn't mention that Cobra has suggested not to place too much attention on this discovery. As always, I leave this for your own Higher Guidance.

Source: RT

Russian researchers have analyzed tissue samples from one of the mysterious alien creatures uncovered in Peru last year. The mummy, with an elongated skull and only three fingers, has excited ufologists since its discovery.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This story has been updated with information on Konstantin Korotkov's questionable past research to give readers a better perspective on his claims about the Peruvian mummies.

Preliminary analysis of the tissue samples revealed that the mummy, found in a tomb near the Nazca lines of Peru and named Maria, is a “humanoid being” with 23 pairs of chromosomes – so far, so human. It dates back to about the 5th century AD, a full millennium before Europeans discovered America.

A professor of the National Research University in St. Petersburg, Konstantin Korotkov, and Natalya Zaloznaya, radiologist and specialist in computer tomography at the International Biological Systems Institute, collected the tissue samples in Peru and brought them back to St. Petersburg for analysis.

READ MORE: 5 ‘aliens’ discovered near Nazca lines in Peru - Ufologist (VIDEO, POLL)

Professor Korotkov is known for his research into dubious scientific phenomena. He is, among other things, a proponent of the use of 1930s photography techniques to create images of peoples' auras, which he claims can be used to diagnose illness in place of X-ray scans and tomography. He also claims to have found proof of life after death and filmed the activity of a dead person's soul.

Korotkov believes Maria could be a representative of a certain race that evolved much earlier than we did, “maybe thousands of years earlier,” he said. The professor hypothesized that this race may have perished as a result of a flood or a comet strike.

The team is now keen to find out how Maria’s composition resembles that of people in South America, Africa or elsewhere. “Right now we are making a detailed analysis to see if the position of all the chromosomes, of all the amino acids, coincides with ours,”said Korotkov to Mir 24.

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Listen.... ~ Native American Proverb

Source: Stillness Speaks

Listen to the wind, it talks.
Listen to the silence, it speaks.
Listen to your heart, it knows.

~ Native American Proverb



Image: (Edited) Spread Love!, by Vinoth Chandar,https://buff.ly/2DHDHHd , (CC BY 2.0,https://buff.ly/2xNgsgC )

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