24 January 2018

Galactic Federation Update ~ Joanna Fay ~ 23 January 2018

Much-welcomed news being brought forth from Joanna Fay, including a beautiful but powerful message from Rowena.

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

In the moment-to-moment planetary ascension phase unfolding rapidly into this year, we’ve been asked to share a message from a meeting of Galactic Federation star families on a planet of Betelgeuse, the red star of the Orion constellation. The great ‘stellar butterfly’ Orion went through a major clearing and transformation of dense energies ~ a year ago from an Earth time perspective (see this post). Betelgeuse, however, was already in an ascended vibration, and remains the seat of the High Council of Orion along with Meissa, home of the Melchizedeks.

Orion is high in the nightsky from around 11pm here at the moment, so I was able to attune with star family as they gathered there, with camera in hand, and will post photos below that represent the vibrations of many soul groups, radiating through some beautiful, very specific colours and arrangements/positioning of orbs and ships. This meeting was called for by star brothers and sisters from Procyon guarding the Earth’s ascension, following an attempted ballistic missile strike on Hawaii on January 13th (though revised as a ‘false alarm’ in the media, it wasn’t, and was neutralized by lightships). This wasn’t the first such attempt, there have been many (of various kinds) defused by star family, but this one ‘progressed’ to the point where a statewide alert was sent out to residents of Hawaii, causing widespread panic.

In response, the meeting at Betelgeuse has brought through a resolution for a significant shift in protocols for the Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command’s engagement with this stage of the planetary Shift ~ allowing for more direct preemptive moves in situations like the Hawaiian one (rather than during, or rebalancing energies post-event), and star family would like this to be widely known on and around the Earth.

From my 5D soul aspect Rowena: We wish it to be clear that while there are still those who seek to ignite war and mayhem on a mass scale, we do not view, vibrate or act through the concept of violence, or characterize the current situation here or elsewhere in this galaxy as war. From higher dimensions of love, peace and unity it is not in our vibrational range to ‘destroy’, or ‘judge’ in any way. Regarding those in the 3-4D arenas using violence, our methods are to gather and contain misaligned energies and entities, disarm, heal and transform them in accord with Universal Love. This is how energies are resolved into higher vibrations, not through ‘beating opponents’ in a war. We ask you to feel this resonance inside, what it is to truly vibrate, and therefore reside, in total love, to anchor the softness and strength that is One in your being. For as this year progresses, there will be a deep release through Universal Love ~ and therefore a profound lightening ~ of layer upon layer of imprinted war trauma from the collective field around this beloved planet. We invite you all to embrace the inner joy and freedom of resolving the conflict programme, as both a personal and collective transformation of miraculous depth and refreshment that opens the way for a New Earth founded in peace, wisdom and compassion. We are with you, in the Love that is constantly renewing. 

From my ‘Earth’ point of view, energy began building around Orion on January 19, with a lot of small lightflashes, noticeably golden-coloured. The phrase ‘chariot(s) of the Sun’ had been in my thoughts earlier in the day, and as a lightship sparked right next to Betelgeuse, I took the photo below. You can see the lightship at the lower right, very close to Betelgeuse as a pale gold light, with a corresponding golden-amber orb sitting between the stars Rigel and Saiph on the ‘left wing of the butterfly’. They sent the name Capella as their home, alpha star of the constellation Auriga, the Charioteer. In the enlargement of the orb below, you can see a face framed in yellow hair ~ they speak of themselves as akin to and assisting the solar beings dwelling in the sixth dimensional layer of our Sun, Solaris.

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23 January 2018

Respect ~ Andrew Bartzis

We say to the fields of plenty "We go to you where the spirit crops are laid. Come to us, field of plenty, so we may harvest our spirit crops." The humor of the past, the opposition of the past, shall not be the trickster of the future. The nurturing of Earth Mother and the healing of her waters, and we may once again pick up the drum beat of Earth Mother and be in synch with her heartbeats.

As our internal timing grows we will understand the true prophecy of the cradle board of life. The prosperous board of life is when all man stands up of all colors and all races and all breeds and say, "We are all a global society, a global culture. We are individuals that are part of the whole, part of the whole that understands the concept of love because we have are this new world, this future world, that we all want peace and not war."

The fertility of peace is here. You should play that flute. Get to that rhythm. Get to that timing.

Be a part of that musician of change. Can you be a musician of change? Can you step to the future where ignorance and intolerance does not exist? Can you anchor it into the presence so we all may have a sacred space of respect?

What is respect? R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Something we all desire, from the earliest of childhood, where we all can allow our way to grow within our self and no one else can demean us, or debase us, or make fun of us. Your ability to speak ends when you touch somebody else's nose. That is the new way of tolerance.

You have all the right to speak freely in your home, but when you step on another person's property and you are there, you have their sacred space to respect. You can still have your words, but you need not have the anger and violence behind those words. You simply say "This is my point of view and all points of view must have an opportunity to expand and explore, because that is the intent of this world." So longer ignorance and intolerance are the dominant force of this world, but love is the force of this world, love of our Earth, our planet, and all species that have come before.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Transformation of Jupiter ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep6 ~ 1 January 2018

A quick check tells me that this is one of the episodes that hasn't yet been gifted. Since the end of the month is rapidly approaching (is it possible for Time to compress even more?....Yes....until every moment is No-Time/Timelessness 😊 ) I think it's time (pun unintended) to start.

Please watch here:

Description given:
David Wilcock pored through reams of data, available only to a few, to bring out shining examples of the increase in energetic radiance being displayed by Jupiter.

Many probes from NASA have flown by, and into, the massive gas giant. What they have detected, continues to build our case for the interplanetary climate change experienced by every planet in our solar system.

It seems with the passing of every probe, they unveil startling changes to Jupiter’s appearance.

This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast January 1, 2018.


You can tell how creative I'm feeling right now by that title :)

There's "something" going on today. I don't know what it is, but it feels like moving through tar. Going through a few alternative/truther sites to check the "news" made me feel queasy. So much negativity and loud "noise". So much polarisation.

This could just be my personal experience only, so if you don't feel this "something", then please just disregard this short sharing :)

Namaste and Blessings

Incredibly Rare 'Super Blue Blood Moon' Is About to Appear For The First Time in 150 Years ~ Peter Farquhar ~ 19 January 2018

Source: Science Alert

If you were awestruck by the New Year's Day super moon, hold onto your pants.

On January 31, around midnight, the full moon will not only be super, it will be a blue moon and a blood moon.

The blue moon comes as it will be the second full moon in a month. That happens every two and a half years, hence the saying "once in a blue moon".

But wait, wait - these two celestial events, the blue moon and the super moon, will also coincide with a total lunar eclipse.

And with Earth in between the Sun and the Moon, sunlight has to pass through the Earth's atmosphere, which scatters the green to violet light more than it scatters the red light.

So the Moon appears red - a blood moon.

That's three big Moon moments on one glorious night for skywatchers, and NASA is calling it the 'Super Blue Blood Moon'.

The best place to see it, according to Space.com, will be in central and eastern Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.

The last time all three events lined up this perfectly was more than 150 years ago.

According to the Canon of Lunar Eclipses, the last time humans saw a total eclipse of a blue moon was 31 March 1866.
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In Peru, 22 January 2018

Source: Adoninas

Triangle Groups of Light ~ Untwine ~ 21 January 2018

** Update: I forgot to add, substitute "Christ" with "Christ Consciousness" **

Just a week ago today, I formed a triad with two others in a healing and clearing meditation. It was powerful, with good results. The Power of Three.

Source: Recreating Balance

In order to strengthen the Light grid around the planet, as well as strengthen protection and harmony among Lightworkers, we can form triangle groups which will be connected together energetically from the Soul level.
For this, first 3 people should know each other and be in contact with each other, physically and/or via internet, and all 3 should agree to form a triangle of Light. It is recommended if possible to have at least one man and one woman in each triangle.
And then, do the meditation below, preferrably at least once a day, for at least 2-5 min. If you do it all at the same time it will be stronger, but you can do it in your own time also. It's better to form a triangle even if you don't do the meditation on certain days, or if you do it only for 2 minutes.
1. Bring your thoughts, emotions, energy field, physical body, into calm and relaxation.
2. Say this mantra or a similar one, out loud or silently :
I Am the Soul
I Am Divine Light
I Am Divine Will
I Am Divine Love
I Am fixed design by me, the Soul
While you say it, visualize your Soul Star chakra getting brighter and bigger, and pouring Light down along your central channel.
3. Visualize a ray of brilliant white Light emanating from your Soul Star chakra and connecting with the Soul Star chakra of the other two members of your triangle, forming a triangle of Light within which Light is flowing.
4. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light pouring down from the Soul Star chakra, spinning down clockwise into the body and aura. Visualize this for yourself and the other two members of your triangle.
5. Visualize the Light of your triangle expanding around the planet, connecting with other triangles of Light and other points of Light throughout the planet, forming and completing a network of Light. Visualize other Light beings from above and below the surface of this planet, sending rays of brilliant white Light from their Soul Star chakras, connecting with our network of Light on the surface of this planet.
6. If you wish, you can say the Great Invocation :

22 January 2018

Planet X ~ Geoff Byrd ~ 16 June 2013

Thank you to Diana Luppi for referencing this. A song of self-liberation....

Please watch here.

Today is the day
That I throw this stupid cell phone away
I'll sell everything I got on eBay
& unplug from this collective mind

I'll head for the sea
Searching for an island perfect for me
Only to find this Brave New World isn't free
So I'll build a rocket to outer space find a new place

I need to stop orbiting other people's planets I know
That I was born to build a planet of my own
And this Planet X will not be bound by gravity
I look at the moon

On the dark side I notice a rune It's a message that says we'll be there soon
But I'll never let them take this place from me

Come with me we'll never look back
Science fiction is science fact
No reptilian race will enslave us we'll embrace tomorrow

There's only one rule
If you want to come with me don't be cruel
There will be no king and therefore no fool
Just be kind to everyone and we'll find harmony you’ll see